Pioneer HLD-X9

Published: May 12, 2021

Even better than the Elite CLD-99 would be the Pioneer HLD-X9 which has a better laser (narrower-beam since it uses a visible and not IR diode), better voltage regulation (47 discrete ones among its many, many PC boards in the player), 5-way parallel Y/C separation, etc. and the ability to also play MUSE HiVision laserdiscs.

Pioneer HLD-X9

The HLD-X9 has the following outputs; two composite, two Y/C, two analogue stereo, two MUSE, one Toshlink, one standard S/PIF coax, remote standard Pioneer, and finally one RF AC3. There is also one input for standard Pioneer remote control.


  • MUSE HiVision system and LaserVision Disc system
  • Semiconductor laser, wavelength 670nm
  • AC 100V, 50/60Hz
  • MUSE decoder produces: RGB and YPbPr video, and 5-Channel Audio per L, C, R, SR, SL
  • Clock reference on video or audio, wide/narrow ranges.
  • Multiple Y/C separator selections, including variable 3D Y/C
  • Separate variable noise reduction controls YNR, CNR, wide/narrow, 3 memories
  • CX noise reduction enable/disable
  • Variable speed playback: still, step, and 1/90 to 16x forwards/reverse,
  • incl. field/frame stills.

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Pioneer Pioneer HLD X9 Hi Vision LD Pioneer HLD X9 Hi Vision LD Laser Disc 04/2021 $ 2 832.00
Pioneer Pioneer HLD X9 Hi Vision LD Pioneer HLD X9 Hi Vision LD Laser Disc 05/2021 $ 2 596.00
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