Pioneer LaserActive

Published: May 13, 2021

The Pioneer LaserActive was a Laserdisc-based game console released by Pioneer Electronics in Japan and North America in 1993. Rather than being sold as a stand-alone system operable out of the box, the LaserActive used a modular system. The core unit of the LaserActive was the Pioneer CLD-A100 player, a bare-bones Laserdisc player (composite video only, no disc flipping, no digital still frame) with an expansion bay (a so called "PAC Port") in its lower-left corner that allowed for one of four released expansion modules (PACs) to be inserted and used with the console.

Pioneer LaserActive

Arcade machines with laserdisc players were created specifically for games like Dragon's Lair (Don Bluth). The game was an instant success and to this day it has been ported to dozens of different gaming platforms. But not all laserdisc games relied on traditional animation. Some laser active games actually used live action video. Astron Belt and Galaxy Ranger were both created by Sega. Astron Belt is widely accepted as the original LaserDisc game. However technical issues delayed the release of the game and Dragon's Lair beat the title to the market.

PAC modules

  • Sega Mega LD
  • LD-ROM
  • Karaoke
  • Computer Interface
  • LaserActive 3D Goggles

Initial games and releases

  • Pyramid Patrol
  • The Great Pyramid
  • I Will
  • Quiz Econosaurus
  • The Demon's Judgement
  • Angel Mate
  • High Roller Battle
  • Manhattan Requim
  • Varja
  • Space Berserker

Popular games

These games are still popular among collectors: Thayer's Quest, Space Ace, laserdisc arcade games, Astron Belt, Dragon's Lair, Cliff Hanger, and Halcyon.

3-D Goggles

The system also supported LCD-shutter 3D goggles, sold separately as the Pioneer GOL-1 3D Goggles and Pioneer 3D ADP-1 Goggle Adapter. In reality, any CRT-based LCD shutter controller can be used with the console, as can any pair of LCD shutter 3D glasses that connect via 3.5mm jack (this includes the Sega Master System and Famicom 3D glasses.


The system failed in both North America and Japan for a very simple reason: the price. The base CLD-A100 player retailed for $970 upon release in North America in 1993. And then you had to purchase the PAC modules separately. The PAC S-10 and PAC-N10 retailed for $600 each, and the PAC-K1 retailed for $350.


Instructions & manuals

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Pete - May 26, 2021
Where can I find new titles for this system? Thanks!
JohnPete - May 26, 2021
I'm afraid there are no new titles made anymore. The last title made was '3D Virtual Australia' in 1996.
YoramJohn - June 14, 2021
Luckily there are some emulators out there so we can still play them :)
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