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Published: May 12, 2021
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The first VCR to use VHS was the Victor HR-3300, and was introduced by the president of JVC in Japan on September 9, 1976. JVC started selling the HR-3300 in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan on October 31, 1976. Region-specific versions of the JVC HR-3300 were also distributed later on, such as the HR-3300U in the United States, and HR-3300EK in the United Kingdom in January 1977. The United States received its first VHS-based VCR – the RCA VBT200 on August 23, 1977. The RCA unit was designed by Matsushita, and was the first VHS-based VCR manufactured by a company other than JVC. It was also capable of recording four hours in LP (long play) mode. The United Kingdom later received its first VHS-based VCR – the Victor HR-3300EK in 1978.

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Quasar and General Electric would follow-up with VHS-based VCRs – all designed by Matsushita. By 1999, Matsushita alone produced just over half of all Japanese VCRs. TV VCR combos, combining a standard definition CRT TV with a VHS mechanism under the CRT, were also once available for purchase.

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general Sony J 30SDI BETACAM SP SX Sony J 30SDI BETACAM SP SX MPEG IMX 12/2021 $1800
general Betacam SP SX MPEG IMX Digi Betacam SP SX MPEG IMX Digi Beta Player 10/2021 $1490
general Sanyo VTC 8200 2 speed Color Sanyo VTC 8200 2 Speed Color VHS 11/2021 $1200
general National 1985 NV 870A VCR VHS National 1985 NV 870A VCR VHS HI FI 11/2021 $1042
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices01/2022-.--

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